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Commonly found on the red carpets of high-end events, the Glambot is a high-definition cinema camer attached to a high-speed robot arm that captures slow-motion video of event guests. The robot is used to move the camera in unique angles and directions while still capturing precise and stable video. These videos can then be edited in elaborate ways. Particularly in using slow motion to highlight certain points.

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What is Glambot?

At its most basic, a glambot is a high-quality camera attached to a robot arm. This camera is then pointed at the subject of the video. While this may sound simple, the entire system is complex but is worth it in the end.

The robot arm controls the camera in a precise and stable way. It can be programmed to move in unique patterns to produce unique videos. These videos can then be edited in elaborate ways, particularly in using slow motion to highlight certain points.

When it comes to the subject, very little is required of them. They simply need to strike a pose and allow the camera to do its work. This makes a glambot helpful in capturing videos that take little time to film but that still look impressive.

In addition, a glambot is able to film a space that accommodates multiple people. This allows it to capture small groups, if necessary.

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When is The Glambot used?

The Glambot made its name on the red carpet and within the beauty and fashion industry. Capturing slow motion shots of celeb outfits, make up or other beauty-related content. It is often used in professional photo shoots, runway shows, or beauty influencer videos.

Events where outfits are important

There is a reason that red carpet Glambot videos are so popular. A Glambot on the red carpet is particularly good at creating stunning videos that highlight an individual’s outfit.

Events with elite clientele

Any event with an elite clientele needs to find a way to make the event memorable. this is the case whether these individuals are celebrities, public figures, or business leaders. No matter what the event, as long as famous people are there, everyone will care.

Business Promotion

A business event is very different from the other options on this list. However, a Glambot for your event has the potential to help a business just as much as it would help any other event.

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What's included

  • Three Hours Rental
  • 1 On-site Director
  • 1 On-site Host
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Logo Watermarking on Videos
  • Instant Text and Email Sharing
  • Optional Enhanced Branding
  • Optional Branded Intro and Outro Videos
  • Option Custom Background Soundtrack
  • 3’x4′ Red Carpet
  • LED Video Lighting Set
  • Delivery, Set-up and Takedown

Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Mindy Kaling, Nikki & Brie Bella and more stars strike fierce poses for the E!
Glambot camera on the red carpet!